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When Going for Gastric Balloon Therapy There has been an increase in the popularity of the weight loss surgery from the last decade. This is because of the reason that this is now made more affordable and this can be accessed easily too. The gastric balloon therapy is one of the popular weight loss procedures that many are going for. The gastric balloon is actually a small silicon pouch being inserted into the stomach of the person through the use of an endoscopic tube. The tube is passed through the mouth into the stomach and the balloon is inserted but in a deflated stated. After placing the balloon, this will then be inflated with the use of a saline solution or air. When this is inserted in the stomach and inflated, the gastric balloon would fill up part of your stomach. The balloon will just allow less food in your stomach and its pressure can make you feel full easily. You won’t be able to eat a lot with the gastric balloon in place and this is the reason why you will lose weight. The gastric balloon is just a temporary thing to use and this will just be used for a maximum of six months. It is up to you if you would continue eating smaller portions in order to maintain your healthy weight.
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The gastric balloon is best suited for those who are overweight and to people with a BMI of 26 to 30. For those individuals who are morbidly obese, then the gastric band procedure is a better option.
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You will be able to lose weight and also the gastric balloon therapy offers the benefit of having a simple and non-surgical procedure. Compared to the other weight loss procedures that you can go for, this one doesn’t require surgery. You can have the procedure and leave after and there is no scarring. Since the gastric balloon will only be used for a maximum of 6 months, then you can certainly use this when there is an important event that is coming up. However, you must see this as a fast solution but you still have to stick with your diet once the balloon is removed. You don’t have to be very fat for you to get this kind of procedure. It is also an affordable procedure and this means that there are more people who can afford this. Just the same with the other weight loss procedures that you can go for, it is a great idea that you try to lose weight naturally through exercise and diet and you also have to consult the doctor before you have any kind of weight loss surgery to ensure your health and safety.