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Potty Training Information The transition from being on nappies to using the potty and finally the toilet could be a challenging one. It’s about finding the right balance between encouraging your child during this transition and their comfort. We want the change to be a quick one but we also don’t want it to be a burden for them. Every child has a different respond and attitude to potty training and may not be applicable to all. Some children don’t need potty training because they will just follow what their older siblings are doing. Take note that it is not about instructing your kid how to use the toilet, instead you are letting them learn the sensations that are telling them it’s time to use the toilet. When to start training
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Your child’s development would determine when you should start potty training them. In general, potty training will begin at the first year and end at around the age of 3, but this could change. Nowadays, the process is taking longer and could reach the fourth year.
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Sometimes you need to give your child space when they’re starting to become unhappy. Some parents say that the best time to begin potty training is when the child is showing interest in learning. Products that can help The right potty can make the difference and make learning so much easier. The potty needs to be a stable one to prevent accidents. It should be comfortable for them and be a snug fit for your child. It should look more pleasing to children than something that is dull and boring. It should be portable and not difficult to clean. Aside from basic features, some potties are also really attractive to kids. If you need extra help, training pants can be a useful tool. These training pants contain lining that can absorb any accidents that may happen during the process. It is important to remember that once you have started using the training pants, you should not go back to nappies since this will hinder your child’s learning curve. One tip is to let your child choose the potty so that they will want to use it more. Praise your child often when they use the potty correctly. Let your kids try using the toilet because they might prefer it better and skip the potty phase. Never get angry and lose your patience, and don’t shame your child. Girls generally learn faster than boys. Buying clothes that are easier to remove is more preferable and easier for your child. If the clothes are too loose, they could get tangled and cause mishaps. With the right tools and attitude, your child can go through the potty training stage in no time.