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FAQs About Sedation Dentistry Fear is usually associated when a person sits on a dental chair. Even more, lots of people are afraid of paying a visit to their dentist and it only makes their anxiety to grow when requested to sit down for the treatment requirement. However, dental technology has improved significantly these days and provided different solutions for patients. With this being said, undergoing a procedure without feeling or thinking about pain has become feasible. You can now relax by considering sedation dentistry from teeth cleaning to root canal. Sedation is basically the best solution for any discomfort that a patient would feel when undergoing dental procedure. Not every dentist on the other hand can provide such solution as only certified and trained oral specialists are capable of carrying out sedation dentistry. To be able to soothe away your fear and anxieties of the procedure, your sedation dentist will be using medication for it. Well, you may be awake but relaxed or sleeping until the procedure or treatment is done depending on the degree of sedation that’s used. If you wish to give this dental solution a try, here are some key questions that you ought to ask your prospect dentist when having a consultation.
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Question number 1. Will the procedure makes me go to sleep – you’ll be fully unconscious if you opted for a general anaesthesia, knowing that there are different levels of sedation. For patients who have extreme dental fears are suggested to be administered with such. Your vital signs may have to be checked and monitored by your dentist throughout the course of the procedure.
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For more information on the levels of solution, it includes IV moderate sedation in which your oral specialist would administer the sedate in your veins, inhaled or minimal sedation to which you breathe in nitrous oxide and oral sedation where you ought to take a pill in order to calm your nerves. Question number 2. Am I going to feel any pain – your dentist may adjust the level of sedation depending on the needs of his/her patients. He or she will make sure that the right amount of medication is provided so by that, you are totally comfortable throughout the treatment. Question number 3. Are all kinds of dental procedure can be performed in sedation dentistry – actually, sedation dentistry can be applied from routine cleaning all the way to more complex procedures. It doesn’t matter if you need root canals, tooth extraction, dental implants or whatever, so long as your dentist is qualified and certified, he/she can apply this branch of dentistry.