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What are the Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry is now one of the most sought after branch of dentistry that is available to patients today. While dental health is one of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, the more important one is the improvement of the facial appearance.. A lot of movie stars and celebrities have taken to cosmetic dentistry for facial improvements. Yet nowadays, there are many regular people who also undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve on their looks so that they can have greater self confidence. Reality TV shows where a person’s facial attributes have been greatly enhanced by cosmetic dentistry have given way for ordinary people to become aware of what it is and how people can get it. There are different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures which will be discussed below. Many people nowadays go to their cosmetic dentist to have teeth whitening or teeth bleaching, which is the most common of all the procedures. If your teeth is discolored or stained, then your dentist will brighten it up and make it look whiter.
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If you have crooked, worn out, or damaged teeth, the procedure that can help transform these is called the application of dental veneers. Veneers are like thin shells or laminates that you attach to the teeth and will have the same color as your teeth. Attaching the veneer to the front side of your teeth will make your teeth appear perfect, all imperfections are nowhere to be seen.
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The best procedure to undergo if you have cracked or broken down teeth is to put crowns on them. Crowns are applied on top of the broken or cracked tooth, and that it where it got its name. With the crowns fortification of the broken tooth, it them become more functional after the procedure. Gold or porcelain is the material by which crowns are made of. The best crown which gives a more natural appearance is one that is tooth colored porcelain. You can look great with contouring especially if you have teeth that are crooked, cracked, chipped, or overlapping, because it helps to correct these problems. The length of your teeth, its shape and even their positions are altered when you undergo teeth contouring as a cosmetic dental procedure. Gum reshaping is another procedure this time involving the tissues underlying the bones which are reshaped to give the look of symmetrical and longer teeth. The removal of extra gums is by the use of a scalpel or laser by raising the gum line. Gum reshaping is simply the removal of extra gums that cover your teeth and make them look short. The cosmetic procedure where dental bridges are applied is just like putting false teeth in the gaps between teeth. In this procedure the false teeth is anchored by two crowns on both sides of the false tooth. With dental bridges you will start looking great, and you will also be free from gum diseases and the strain on teeth with no neighbors are greatly reduced.