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Important Things To Know About Independent Living As of the past few years, the life expectancy on average American living in the US was around 85 years old. Whether you believe it or not, this number was just 70 back in 1965. Coupled with increased life expectancy, it comes with the significance for medical and personal assistance as we’re growing older. Among the best options that can provide elders with the assistance they need are facilities of senior independent living. These types of communities are offering residents with broad range of activities as well as social interaction with peers. With regards to these communities, here are the 3 important things that you must know. Number 1. Residents have freedom – the fact that their residents have the freedom to live the lives of their own in any way that they want and that is perfectly suited to their schedule is what’s good about senior living. Truth is, they have their an apartment of their own complete with a guest room and kitchen so their family can visit them even for longer period of time.
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In the event that the resident needs some assistance in a specific task, there are several employees available who could help them with anything they need to do from bathing, carrying groceries and so on. To put it simply, these communities let the tenants to live life on their own but enjoy their lives as normal by providing help when needed.
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Number 2. Most residents need help for a long time – there are so many people who prefer caring elderly loved ones on their own. It could be a tough and very demanding task later on while this is a generous instinct. But from a medical standpoint, it may not be in the best interest of the senior individual. An average person could stay in some kind of care facility for 2 years. Caring for someone this long will put emotional, physical and most of all, financial strain even on the best of us. This is true most especially in every case to which care demands increase overtime. Among the duties required are bathing, administering medication and feeding and assuming that you can care for your elders at home, you would likely have to employ outside help just to meet these requirements. Number 3. Homes for elders are worth every cent – per resident, the average monthly fee for independent living is around 3500. This rate is covering the board, room and all other utilities so this figure isn’t that expensive at all, rather, it is a great bargain for clients. Aside from that, the tenants have an easy access to their medical care, which is provided by trained healthcare professionals.