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Five Main Signs That You Are Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction One of the most stressful experiences that a human male can go through is suffering from erectile dysfunction, abbreviated as ED and also referred to as impotence. Erectile dysfunction is not only embarrassing and frustrating, it can also impact negatively a man’s sex life and relationships. This condition is fairly common however, with one in five men in the United States being affected at one point in their lives. It only gets worse with age and can be caused by a wide array of both physical and psychological issues. Having a one off erection failure should not be a cause for alarm, but exhibiting the following symptoms may indicate that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Right from the name, it is clear that one of the major symptoms of erectile dysfunction is the failure to get an erection. This is especially during times of sexual arousal. Failure to get an erection at any other time, especially in the morning may also be an indication of erectile dysfunction. Failure to get an erection in a one off situation is not a cause for alarm. Erection failure is consider a symptom for erectile dysfunction if the failures occur very regularly and in under different circumstances. Failing to get an erection is bad, but getting one that does not last long enough is just as bad, and it is a major symptom of impotence. A major warning sign for erectile dysfunction therefore is not being able to maintain an erection for enough to engage in meaningful sexual activity. The symptoms may be summarized as; not being able to get an erection and it you do get one, it is weak and does not last. The frequency of this is also a major determinant of the problem.
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The inability to ejaculate during sexual activity is another sign of erectile dysfunction. This is because it is impossible to ejaculate without an erection. All the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are all closely intertwined. A weak erection coupled with the inability to have an ejaculation is a major symptom of erectile dysfunction. This failure has to happen frequently and consistently.
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A painful erection may be another sign of erectile dysfunction. This is because the pain forces you to abandon the arousing activity so as to avoid the pain. Though this may be an indication of another condition, it can still point to erectile dysfunction. Reduced sex drive or libido may be another symptom of erectile dysfunction. Sexual arousal is very psychological and when that desire is lacking, it may be an indication of impotence.