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A Guide to Rhinoplasty Procedures Patients undergo a medical treatment called Rhinoplasty if they have problems with how their noses appear, or if they have breathing problems. Because different patients have different medical needs and preferences, different procedures of Rhinoplasty have been developed by cosmetic surgeons to meet the expectations of their patients. Here are the different types of Rhinoplasty procedures commonly used today. In the closed Rhinoplasty procedure, the cosmetic surgeon uses either general or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation to perform the operation on the patient. Because the incision in this procedure is done inside the rim of the nostrils, it cannot be seen from the outside when it heals. The separation of the soft tissues inside the nose is what cosmetic surgeons do in order for the breathing problems of patient to be corrected. After that the cosmetic surgeon reshapes the cartilage and bone. A reduction of nose size involves the breaking of some nasal bones when the procedure is almost over. If, however, the patient wants to build up his/her nose, the surgeon grafts cartilage from other parts of your body to do it. Other sources of cartilage for grafting include silastic implants, human tissue, or cartilage grafts from a tissue bank. Surgeons put splints on the bridge of the nose so that the new tissues and structures are protected and maintained. To provide additional support and to step bleeding, surgeons also place nasal packing inside the nostrils.
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Visible scarring is completely removed in closed Rhinoplasty. This closed procedure does not provide much reshaping possibilities because cosmetic surgeons are not able to visualize the end results so well because the nose remains closed.
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The second type of procedure is called open Rhinoplasty, and this time the incision is made outside the nose, in the skin between the nostrils.. Because they are able to lift the skin off the tip of the nose, surgeons can see clearly how they can reshape and cartilage and bones, and thus provide more possibilities for the patient. It this type of procedure the surgeon can very well see the structure inside so that he is more able to reconstruct the nose in a more accurate fashion. When the incision is healed, the scar on the underside of the nose cannot be noticed. Thick skin or dark complexion in patients are more prone to scarring. More methods with natural results is what many cosmetic surgeons these days are looking for. Many times patients who undergo Rhinoplasty end up with overdone and disproportionately small compared with their other facial features.