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Natural Treatments for Insomnia Today, there are many remedies for insomnia available to those who need them and they come as both natural and pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical remedies, however, can cause unwanted side effects such as being drowsy during the daytime, diarrhea, and strange activities like eating while sleeping or driving while asleep. A bad effect of pharmaceutical medications is that you sometimes become hooked on it and taking it constantly can lessen its effect on you. Natural remedies to insomnia are a lot better not only because they are cheaper but they are also safer to use. There are three most common natural sleep aids which include valerian, aromatherapy and melatonin. When people take valerian, which is a herb very popular in Europe, the body and the mind and put in a state of calm and relaxation. Valerian can be taken in many forms like in a capsule, tea, or extract. You can also take melatonin which is a natural aid for insomnia. Melatonin is a hormone that the body produces. The hormone serotonin when released by the brain is converted to melatonin at night when the person sleeps. Now to help insomnia patients, melatonin can be bought in the market is tablet form as a supplement. Aromatherapy is also one of the natural remedies for insomnia. A good mood and feelings of relaxation are brought about by positive smells. The brain is affected by the smells that come to us and when that happens it send signals to the body enough to change our moods and behavior. Lavender and chamomile are just some of the scent used in aromatherapy as natural remedies for insomnia.
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Researches have shown that lavender scent affects a person in a way that helps put him to sleep. When one uses lavender scent in aromatherapy, one will reap amazing results in the quality and quantity of sleep one can get, resulting in a fresher and more energized feeling to start the day. The quick response of the body to aromatherapy is what makes it a high potency sleep aid. The ability of aromas to be emitted quickly and smelled instantly by those nearby is what make it a good remedy. And once smelled, it immediately calms the body. We can consider aromatherapy as a high potency sleep aid which acts instantaneously.
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If you need to purchase these essential oils, you can find them in health and beauty stores near you. There are a lot of calming scents available in these stores like lavender, rose, and chamomile. The body, working properly, naturally causes it to sleep. If the body is unable to produce sleep at the right time, then you should look for a natural remedy first. You should choose a high potency natural sleep aid to help you through the night safely.