Getting Down To Basics with Smoking

E-Cigarettes And Why You Should Buy E-Liquid Online

As a modern civilized person, we all know what are the health risks involved with smoking. Despite the fact that smoking has harmful effects to the body, most of the occasional smokers are still doing it. However, we should not despair, because humanity has technology, new innovations and development comes to with ease and due to the modern technology that we have we now have e-cig available in the market . The best possible alternative form of cigarettes that will not do any harmful effects to our lungs would be the e-cig. It does not matter if you are a light smoker or a heavy smoker, if you want to change you smoking habits then use e-cigarette, the cigarette that is perfectly designed to cater that need. Several information regarding e-cigarettes are listed below for your information.

One of the must know things about e-cigarettes is that they are having this kind of liquid in them. The liquid can be preferred to as e-liquid since it serves as the load of the e-cigarettes, and it works by inserting the liquid into the e-cigarette’s cartridge thus the name implies. Sometimes e-liquids have many names like space jam e-liquids, e-juice and many more and since this liquid serves as the load, it is very important part of the e-cigarette. In an e-liquid inside the e-cigarette, the juice or e-liquid is comprised of exactly five components and they are flavorings, nicotine, water, PG or Propylene glycol, and VG or Vegetable glycerin. The nicotine along with the flavoring is being suspended at the e-cigarette’s base in order to produce the smoke-like vapor that comes out of the e-cigarette. If you are worried with the other two ingredients, the propylene glycol and the vegetable glycerin, these two could not possibly do any harm against your body since both of these compounds does not contain any toxin and is purely organic. The following paragraph will explain to you what these two organic compounds really are and what they are able to do. In the e-cigarette system, the vegetable glycerin or VG as it is abbreviated is used for more vapor production. The seemingly sweet addicting flavor that can be tasted in the vapor is also from vegetable glycerin. When inhaling it as well, a smooth hit to the throat is also one of the effects of this organic compound. This is a non dangerous organic compound as well since it mainly comes from fresh and healthy vegetables. On the other hand Propylene glycol is the sweeter compound among the two organic compounds present in the e-cigarettes. And while vegetable glycerin is responsible for the smooth hit, the propylene glycol is responsible for the creation of a great hit. The propylene glycol is opposite to the vegetable glycerin since it produces less vapor. When it comes to choosing the flavors of your e-cigarettes, there is practically a lot to choose from. E-cigarette flavor variants are coffee, cigar, strawberry, tobacco, menthol, vanilla and so much more than you can think of. .