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Obstructive Sleep Apnea – Essential Things to Know About This The CPAP machines are usually utilized for the patients who have a problem called the sleep apnea. This is actually a sleep disorder wherein one would pause in breathing or the breathing becomes shallow while asleep. Every hour, the pauses that take place can be about five to 30. This would often cause a loud snort or a choking sound. The patients who are suffering from sleep apnea usually move out of the deep sleep to a light sleep if their breathing pauses. This problem can effect on the person’s routine since this results in poor sleep quality and can make them sleepy throughout the day. This can surely affect the overall of performance of a person. The sleep apnea is undiagnosed since the doctors are not able to detect the said condition on normal day time visits. Moreover, there are no blood tests that can help determine the problem too. Often, the patients of OSP don’t know how they have this because this occurs during sleep. The signs are usually noticed first by a family member or a roommate. There are actually three types of sleep apnea and they are obstructive, mixed and the central sleep apnea. The OSP or the obstructive sleep apnea is known to the most common of the three types. With this disorder, the airway collapses on a deep sleep and there is an unsuccessful effort when taking a breath. Because of this occurrence, the level of oxygen in the blood goes down and the body wakes up to take a breath. This can affect the person’s efficiency and for this reason, the CPAP machine is used to take care of such problem. You must remember that the OSP is actually quite common among men.
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The OSP actually affects 2 percent of women and 4 percent of men. This means that men are more likely to have such problem but after hitting the age of 50, the risk is the same to both men and women. You should know that this is quite common with obese peoples. The use of CPAP machine is very common for the patients and due to this, there is continuous airway pressure. CPAP machines have different features.
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Those individuals who experience such problem gets irritable, has weak memory, headaches, fatigue, takes repeated naps and others. The patients with OSP have such problems since there is no blood test in order to detect such. There can also be other causes of this kind of problem but most are related to breathing. This takes place when the throat muscles and also the tongue relaxes more than normal and if the person is overweight or the adenoids and tonsil are large.