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Buying Medical Supplies Direct from Manufacturers Because of the arrival of digital technology, it has brought a paradigm shift in all areas of our lives. Our dependence on technology on every aspect of life, whether in our home lives or in the lives of major businesses, cannot be denied. The effects of technology has reached even our shopping activities for now many of us no longer go out to shop but instead use the e-shopping functionalities of our computers to purchase items online. What about medical supplies? Are medical supplies best purchased from a pharmacy or from a medical sales agent? While people have not been purchasing appliance from sales agents these days, it seems that we still do it with medical supplies. If there is a store that connects you directly to the manufacturers, will it be patronized willingly? Purchasing medical supplies in your local drug store can be very convenient to many people and would likely reject an idea of such a facility. This reluctance of people in the thought of buying medical supplies directly from manufacturer reveal that they are unaware that buying from manufacturers is by far cheaper than buying from a local drugstore. The supply chain is where medical supplies go after they are manufactured. Prices of medical supplies shoot up several hundreds of percent higher when they enter the supply chain. This increase in price is mainly due to other factors like transportation, warehousing, commissions, logistics, and other costs that pertain to transfer of supplies. These stages in the supply chain are the ones responsible for the high costs of medical supplies. Then the problem remains of finding a specific manufacturers of a variety of supplies and products that you might need.
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It would be a nice thing to simply be able to log in to an online portal where we can buy the needed medical supplies from different manufacturers and vendors, where you simply place your orders and wait for them to be delivered right at your doorstep.
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It will benefit us greatly if there is such an online portal for medical supplies. Basically, the benefits that we get from this online portal are cheaper prices and a variety of choices when it comes to vendors and manufacturers. With a business model like this in place, it takes out a lot of processes in the supply chain like delivery and distribution channels. Local distribution offices and their corresponding staff and managers will no longer be needed when people can directly access medical supply manufacturers through the online portals. This means a lot of savings for the customer that would have to pay for all these unnecessary costs when purchasing their medical supplies from a local drug store. You are buying the same medical supplies but now at a cheaper cost. You need not worry about being able to get your supplies because with this online portal all manufacturers of medical supplies will be there to provide what you need.