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Curing Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) Naturally

Many people suffering from restless leg syndrome have given up the efforts at finding an effective remedy for this condition. Itching, crawling, burning, tingling, and other sensations are felt in the legs by people suffering from restless leg syndrome. It can greatly annoy you when you feel this during the day, but it can be agonizing especially at night when you are trying to get sleep. The reason is because the feelings or the symptoms are intensified the moment you relax to go to sleep. Fatigue is caused by lack of sleep and this is what people with RLS experience. RLS disrupts sleep through the night.

Relieving RLS symptoms by natural means have been recommended although the causes of this disorder are not yet fully known. The best remedies for RLS are the natural ones because side effects are not experienced by the patient, unlike what prescription drugs can.

One thing that can help with RLS symptoms is to take a hot both before bedtime, or to wrap your legs in warm or cold wrap or compress.

There is a great difference in RLS symptoms when people affected by it changed their diet. You need to avoid alcohol and caffeine because those who suffer RLS have experienced worsening symptoms when they take these. Coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc, contain caffeine and should be avoided. Some have also recommended avoiding eating a large meal during the evenings. There has been research results that indicate that an increase in the symptoms of RLS can be attributed to digestion of a large volume of food.

Some researchers have also shown the connection between RLS and iron deficiency. Taking iron supplement or eating dark green leafy vegetables rich in foliate can help reduce iron deficiency. You can juice them or take them whole. Consulting a doctor for the right iron supplement is best so that you do not take it in excess and suffer from side effects.

Obesity has been linked to RLS as some studies have shown. The incidence of RLS is greater when there is great abdominal fat. Dieting and exercise for weight loss can help improve RLS.

With exercise, people with RLS can be helped greatly. IF you brisk walk for 30 minutes a day for four days, you can help reduce symptoms of RLS in your body. It has been recommended that moderate exercise be done early in the day. Another form of physical exercise which is very helpful is yoga. Massaging the lower legs or lower back before sleeping can also be helpful to improve RLS symptoms.

It is also helpful to take a walk before bedtime.

Taking magnesium supplement before bedtime is also helpful. RLS can also be remedied naturally using magnesium supplements.