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Rolfing as an Alternative Medicine Rolfing is also a kind of energy medicine where Rolfers consider their unique contribution is to be able to balance the body in gravity, providing deep massage or other forms of soft tissue manipulation. In Rolfing, unlike some forms of chiropractic, more than just the spine must be aligned, because to be healthy, according to Rolfers, you must align your head, ankles, hips, thorax, pelvis, knees, shoulders, ears, and all other parts of the body in just the right way or else the evils of gravity will be felt. Rolfing, also called Rolf therapy or structural integration, is a holistic system of bodywork that uses deep manipulation of the body’s soft tissue to realign and balance the body’s myofascial structure and moreover improves posture, relieves chronic pain, and reduces stress. Rolfing is more than just a massage of the body’s surface, but a system that reshapes the body’s myofascial structure by applying pressure and energy, thereby freeing the body from the effects of physical and emotional traumas. Rolfing is all about returning your body to its optimum structure, via the realignment of the interconnective tissues or myofascial layer that hold the muscles in place. The different benefits of Rolfing includes, improved posture, muscular and skeletal pain relief, enhanced athletic performance, coordination and flexibility, an alternative to surgery, avoidance to repetitive injuries, improved scoliosis, reduced headaches, fixing foot issues, and pre and post natal care. Rolfing, as constantly been described as the realignment of the parts of the body and the mind in conformity to gravity is not really an extravagant product of technology and modern science, which is why people are still hesitant to try it, but is also a new, cheaper and least harmful from the rest and still provides promising results. Rolfing as an alternative means of treating illnesses, may it be simple or worst chronic, is slowly crawling up the minds of the people, since there have been proven claims of cure and relief from various people who have tried and benefited from it. Rolfing in a sense is the physical and psychological embodiment of the vertical line and is a way of being in the physical world that forms a basis for personal growth and integrity. Rolfing is not only beneficial to people suffering from injuries but also to those who seek to find the peace of mind and stress free life, where both are addressed with the proper realignment and balance of the mind with the gravity.9 Lessons Learned: Services

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