What Do Figure Models Eat?

The life of a figure model is one that requires some dedication and discipline. However, the rewards are remarkable: Low body fat, chiseled abdominal muscles, and a very toned body that looks great in virtually any swimsuit are just a few of them. While following a figure model diet plan alone will not create the muscles you may be seeking, it will certainly help you to drop the weight, reduce your body fat, and to make huge strides towards your goals for your body.

The main part of a fitness model diet plan will be focused on sensible eating in the beginning. Basically, this involves eating pretty much what you normally eat, but keeping the portions moderate. This is the phase of the diet plan where you will usually want to start phasing out the carbs and processed foods in a gradual way. The exact number of calories or fat grams to eat will depend upon your current weight and your desired weight, but if you follow a low calorie diet and maintain good discipline, you can expect to lose up to a pound every week during this early phase. If you are working out at the same time, keep in mind that the muscle being added to your body will possibly make it look like you’re not losing weight since muscle weighs more than fat. Just look in the mirror and you will see that you are indeed having results in the form of a much more toned looking body.

Next, you might focus on a strength building plan. This phase of the plan will still involve a restricted calorie diet, but when you eat high protein levels it is much easier to keep feeling full and to maintain the energy you need to train hard. During strength building you may gain weight because you’re packing on the muscle. This isn’t a negative thing, though: Your body is undergoing a remarkable transformation for the better, and the weight gain is the good kind (the muscle kind!)

After the strength building phase, you will usually focus on dropping body fat while still keeping the new muscle. This is the time you may start to see the numbers on the scale drop again, but the most notable change will be the reduced body fat. This phase may require once weekly carb loading alternating with a very low carb diet the remainder of the time.