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Choosing a Family Doctor If you’re feeling very well, your family doctor is usually the first person you will go see. In emergency cases, you should certainly visit a hospital, yet as soon as you’re done with the treatment, you will still be told to go to your family doctor for a follow-up. This medical professional, in other words, is very important to your health and life, so you must pick one very cautiously. First and foremost, you’d like a doctor who is sincere in caring for you as his patient. Of course, you can’t expect this doctor to be available 24/7, but there should be a human connection between the two of you somehow. You should be able to trust your doctor and feel his genuine care. So how and where can you expect to find a family doctor who fits your bill? The easiest is obviously to use the family doctor you had with your parents. But if that doctor isn’t practicing anymore? Well, referrals are always easy to get from relatives, friends, coworkers, etc.
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If you’re moving away, your best chance of finding a good family doctor – unless you have a friend in that new place or your old family doctor can give referrals – is to use the Internet. If an online search is your only option, use those local referral services as they can really be helpful. Or find your community online, specifically the website of your chamber of commerce. Almost all places have one, and there will likely be doctors’ listings there. If your insurance is provided by an HMO, you will be restricted to network doctors, which means you need to know which doctors are in.
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When you’ve found a good prospect, get a routine check-up and try to gauge whether or not you’ll “click” with this doctor. While there, inquire about the services they offer and their business hours. If any, let your spouse and children give you their opinion about the doctor, and give it weight as well. How well does the physician treat you and how careful is he with a test or exam? Is he rushing? Does he sound knowledgeable and does he really seem to care? Another thing you have to consider is how long you have to wait to get an appointment. If you’re looking at a month or more, look somewhere else. And when you’re already in the clinic, how long do you need to wait to be seen? A whole morning may not be a good idea. Most importantly, know that you cannot be obliged to see a doctor you don’t like. There are many doctors in most places, and a shortage hardly ever exists. If you keep looking, that perfect doctor for you is just waiting for you to find him.