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The Connection between Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

In general, men don’t know the importance of testosterone in their manhood. A man needs testosterone to prove his manhood. The level of testosterone for men is said to have a great impact in a man’s development. Testosterone doesn’t only affect the benefits it gives to man’s sex life and libido but far more beyond that. Medical professionals believed that androgens are the most important hormones in the man’s body and these are produced from the gonads or testicles of men.

Both the testosterone and androgens are built by steroids. The age of man affects the level of his androgen and as he grows old, his androgen decreases. Though testosterone differs from man to man, as they step the age 21, the level of their testosterone start to drop. The change is too slow that it can reach up to 50 years before it expires. These changes greatly affects the sexual activities of a man which is referred to as erectile dysfunction but most of all, it affects the entire well being of being a man.

It has been discovered in research sources that men ages from 50 to 59 years old suffer Androgen Decline in the Aging Male or ADAM. The number of men increases to 34% when they age between 60 to 69 years while it becomes 68% when they turn 70 to 79 years of age. Studies revealed that testosterone levels are highest during his early in the morning but low during the night.

That is why there is a loss of erection or low libido and suffering from erectile dysfunction because of low testosterone. Erectile dysfunction is normally caused by blood pressure diabetes, smoking and stress. It is even important that men use testosterone therapy together with erectile dysfunction.

The male starts producing testosterone even before they are born and is in their highest level as they reach the adolescence stage from 16 to 22 years of age. Signs of a man experiencing his adolescence are when his body starts to change in a more physique shape, his pubic hair come out and also his facial hair but most of all, his attraction to women is a really obvious sign. When the hypothalamus creates the sex hormone or called as gonadotrpin, this hormone will reach the pituitary gland to create a new hormone which is called the eternizing hormone. When it is in his highest peak, the testicles are stimulated allowing it to produce testosterone.

Erectile dysfunction is avoided once your testosterone level is high as well as your libido. It is fact that erection is active during the early stage of a man’s life. ED drugs might help a man when he suffers erectile dysfunction but it is still a best decision if you go directly to a medical expert.

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