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The Benefits of Physical Therapists for Children If you have heard something about physical therapy, you might know that it is something sought after by those who are experiencing some kind of difficulty in life. These difficulties may be pain, loss of function and movement, and healing after some sort of injury has been suffered. The good thing about physical therapy is that it can be enjoyed and benefited from, not only by adults, but also by children. If you have children, you might be happy to know that there are different types of children’s physical therapy, and that each one is geared to meet certain needs. For example, one type helps children learn the necessary skills that they need in order to run, jump, hop, climb stairs, and other basic functions that children should learn. If you have a healthy child who loves sports, you can make sure that he or she is protected from injury by having a physical therapist look into muscle weakness or imbalance, two things that lead to injury. Injury cannot be altogether avoided, however, and when it happens, it is good to know that a physical therapist will help your child recover, so that he or she will be able to go back to walking, running and playing sports. If your child has cerebral palsy, you can also have him or her treated by a good physical therapist. Physical therapists are people who have trained and been granted the license to practice healthcare by using treatments that help individuals enjoy movement and better bodily functions. This is true with regard to children as well; physical therapists help a child learn basic motor and mobility skills as well as treat other conditions that impair these basic and necessary skills. If you children have suffered an injury or a debilitating disease or condition, you can also take them to a good physical therapist to benefit from some kind of healing.
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It is important for parents of young children to know when they should take their children to a physical therapist. A good example is if your child has reached a year old, and he or she is still unable to roll or sit – this indicates that you need help from a good physical therapist. If he or she usually turns the head to one side or uses only one side of the body, it is also a good idea to visit a physical therapist. Children who cannot keep up with other children their age during playtime may also be in need of good therapy. If a child constantly trips and falls, suffers from bodily pain, or is unable to jump, skip or hop, it is also a good idea to bring him or her to visit a good physical therapist.Case Study: My Experience With Therapies