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Why Men Experience Erectile Dysfunction

The failure to experience an erection is defined in medical terms as erectile dysfunction. Generally, it is referred to as impotence. Men who suffer from this disease generally have difficulty in getting an erection. At times, an erection would only last for a few seconds. This kind of situation is something most men fear. What is worst is when their lovers are left unhappy. Their self esteem takes a hit and they lose self respect. Anyone can easily conquer erectile dysfunction. A lot of men are hesitant to consult with other people due to their feelings of being unmanly, therefore they would rather go through it in silence.

At times, erectile dysfunction can occur whatever the age, but usually, men who are greater than 75 years old are affected. Even if these men are not young anymore, it doesn’t have to affect their sex life negatively. Although they might require a lot more incitement to keep their erections, they can still have an active sex life the same as their younger counterparts.

Here’s why erectile dysfunction happens:

There are some components of this condition. Why this condition happens could be due to factors that involve the mind or the body. Your medical condition and the health of your brain are some causes of erectile dysfunction. These are some reasons why this happens:

A lifestyle that is not healthy: Smoking or drinking too much can increase chances of getting erectile dysfunction. Research shows alcoholics can have a lesser amount of sperm. Nicotine is a cause of why you wouldn’t feel like having sex anymore. Erectile dysfunction can plague those who take in narcotics. Living a healthy life can help minimize the occurrence of this disorder. Men who are on the heavier side have a greater chance of acquiring this condition.

Prescriptions: Taking in drugs to lower your blood pressure can be a cause for erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to drugs related to antidepressants or cimetidine. Some medications can damage your nervous system that can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction.

After surgery is done around the pelvic area, nerves and arteries could get damaged and lead to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction could be a direct result of a disturbance of a person’s psyche. Psychiatric help can be a great asset when dealing with the disorder. You can also talk with your partner in order to get additional support.

It has been found that when you dealt with a strong emotional trauma when you were young, this could explain the appearance of erectile dysfunction. It is important to be equipped with the right information when it comes to dealing with erectile dysfunction. In order to fight this disease, you might need medication. When you are aware of your lifestyle choices, you can strive to be more healthy and battle erectile dysfunction.