Where to Find Sea Glas

Before you can start making sea glass jewelry you need the glass.  If you’re lucky you live near a body of water that will supply you with enough to have a fun hobby and perhaps enough to sell to friends and family.  If you are really really lucky you will live somewhere like the south east coast of the US or Hawaii where lovely sea glass  is plentiful.

I have learned that different areas of the country have different types of sea glass. I happen to live in an area that isn’t known for it’s beautiful sea glass. It’s mostly white, brown and green. Occasionally there is a spectacular piece of blue or a wonderful piece of pottery.  I feel lucky to have that.  There are many sellers of sea glass online, and some absolutely spectacular pieces up for sale.  You can spend as much or as little as you want.  If you are going to buy sea glass online you may want to look for pre-drilled sea glass. It will cost you a bit more but  it will save you time and trouble.

I have a few friends who know that I collect sea glass to make sea glass jewelry who now save their pieces for me. I am always very appreciative of their gesture. All of the glass they give me isn’t jewelry quality but it’s priceless nonetheless because it’s from thoughtful friends.  I enjoy giving sea glass jewelry to my friends and family, and I have started to make custom sea glass pieces. You can find my creations online at Sea Glass Visions.