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How To Find The Right Health And Safety Consultant There comes a time to which numerous small businesses have come to a stage in expansion the need for a safety and health advice becomes integral. Well, the reasons for these sorts of things are varying and it could be because the company has reached critical points triggering legislative requirements, the manager/owner simply don’t have time into the general growth of business or just because the company’s health and safety is in question or becomes more complex. If you are running a business and is in need of a health and safety consultant, there are some important considerations that you need to make and some of these are listed in the following paragraphs: Number 1. Qualifications and competence – while it is true that exams and certifications are great to have, it is not the sole factor you must consider. For the past few years, the number for health and safety consultants have grown significantly and unfortunately, most of them lacks of formal qualification whilst others have paper but just little work experience.
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The phrase “health and safety consultant” isn’t protected in any of industrial nations and therefore, lots of people with new business card and website appear as expert but most of the time, they just have little experience and/or qualification .
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Number 2. Experience – alongside qualification, this is another must have thing. Recently graduate students might have bright future ahead them but with just little experience, their value as being a consultant might be limited. By tradition, a good and experienced consultant learnt the trade somewhere in full time role on how to make safety work in real world, how to find the right compromise and has received support from well versed and more seasoned colleague. Number 3. Sector knowledge – it is so helpful that when consultants are able to speak about your industry but it’s equally better to find consultants who’ve seen varieties of workplaces for quite some time and could apply the basic principles of your company. Above everything else aside from experience of the industry your business is in, it’s whether they can quickly grasp your business’ basic principles. Number 4. Fear – don’t hesitate to walk away the moment when the consultant has used fear to sell his or her service. Keep this in mind, all consultants who just talk everything and anything about fines and jail are probably struggling in the industry. Anybody can quote the law always remember despite the fact that it’s part of the reason why we are in search of health and safety consultant. If he/she leads you thin broader set of factors, then that means you’re talking to the right and experienced health and safety advisor.