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Information about Different Dental Implants in Clearwater FL It is normal for people to lose confidence when they lose one or more teeth. Many people feel the need to hide their smiles after losing their teeth to make sure that they do not embarrass themselves in social events. When people have missing teeth, they tend to appear older that they are. Many teeth replacement procedures rely on dentures or bridgework. However, dental implants are a more attractive solution because they leave people with permanent and natural looking teeth. Dental implants use high tech surgical procedures to fuse teeth to the jawbone. These are usually suitable for people who have great oral health and the candidates for the procedure need to have healthy gums and enough bone density to support the dental implants. Dental implants can last a lifetime, and since they are permanently placed into the bone, you can forget that they exist. Dental implants are of two main types. These implants are such as subperiosteal and endosteal implants. Using blades, screws and cylinders ensures that endosteal implants are fixed into the bone. Each of these implants can hold one or several teeth and they are used for patients who have removable dentures or bridgework. Normally, subperiosteal implants are placed at the top of the jaw. To make sure that the teeth are in place, the framework of these implants tends to protrude through the jaw. These implants are usually suitable for people who have minimal bone height and cannot wear dentures. Dental implants have many benefits. People can be sure that they will have a high success rate if they are the right candidates. Because the implants are usually fitted into the jaw, there is no gum recession as is the case with bridgework and dentures. Dental implants do not need work to be done on the adjacent teeth, which is not the case with bridgework. Because dental implants are so good, people will not be able to notice that you have had your teeth replaced. You can have one tooth, many or all of your teeth replaced by dental implants. The number of teeth to be replaced is dependent on the amount of bone that you have in the jaw.
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Dental implants should not be installed in areas that do not have enough bone structure, especially those that are located near sinuses. Sinus augmentation is a treatment that can correct the problem. Raising the floor of the sinus allows the bone to be development for placement of dental implants. Ridge modification can be used to correct deformities in the bone, and this involves exposure of the bone after the gum has been lifted. The bone defect is usually filled with bone substitute or a bone. This ensures that the implant is in place.
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Dental implants in Clearwater FL are normally installed in different patients irrespective of the ages. This procedure takes several months because it requires that the framework be placed on the bone to settle for a certain period before the teeth are added.