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3 Common Health Issues Experienced Today The state of mental, social wellbeing and physical is our health. Being in a good state of health stems to a healthy lifestyle like for instance, all body parts are correctly functioning without feeling discomforts and devoid of any issues. Everybody around the world probably wants to take care of their health and not ignore health issues because otherwise, it might lead to adverse effects. Problems can also take place primarily because of the unhealthy lifestyle plus low body resistance. To be able to maintain our optimal health, having regular visits to your doctor and check-ups would be great. For sure, you know that there are countless of health issues today, some are common to which we either dealing with already or afraid to have. Some of the common health issues of today include diabetes, obesity, allergies, heart stroke, backache and many other more. Among the most common medical conditions that millions of people around the world are suffering from is diabetes. As a matter of fact, this is a metabolic disorder or a disease that is taking place due to the heightened level of blood glucose in the body as a result of no or less production of insulin in the body.
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Insulin on the other hand is a hormone secreted and produced by the pancreas. The blood sugar levels are increasing after eating foods and the pancreas help in releasing the necessary volume of insulin in blood stream to be able to maintain proper blood sugar levels in the body. In case of diabetes, the glucose level is increased in the body, which is caused either by improper or low use of insulin.
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For hypertension, this can be described as a type of condition to which the patient has high levels of blood pressure in their arteries. And much like diabetes, there are so many people in all parts of the world who are currently suffering from this condition. Our arteries are actually organs in the body that is meant to carry blood from the heart to tissue s well as to other parts of the body. Just in case that the pressure has increased, the heart must work harder in order to function which may sometimes result to cardiac arrest, heart stroke, heart failure and renal failure. Health issues that are related to weight are now much common compared in the past, especially in Western countries similar to Europe and United States. It is very important that we maintain proper weight as this allows us to achieve great health and helps a person to feel good and have more energy to perform their daily routine. Being obese or overweight stems to lots of other health issues similar heart stroke, hypertension, breathing problems, diabetes and a lot more.