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How are Hearing Patients Treated at a Hearing Center? If you experience difficulty in hearing, or experience ringing in your ears, then it is time to schedule a trip to the hearing center. If you are going to a hearing center for the first time. you are probably asking a lot of questions in your mind how audiological or hearing exams work. There will first be an interview, where a hearing doctor will be asking questions about a patient’s condition. Hearing tests will then be chosen specifically for the type of hearing problem that you are experiencing. These short hearing tests will be based on patient’s participation and responses. A patient is led inside a soundproof booth where the tests are conducted. The pure tone air test is conducted in such a way that patients are made to listen to high and low frequency sounds with the use of a headphone. The test is simple because the patient only needs to make a signal if he/she hears any sound. This test is simple and it tells the doctor at what sound level or pitch the patient can no longer hear. In speech and word discrimination test, the patient needs to repeat the words that he hears. What this test determines is how a patient is able to receive and process speech that is received. .If there is a suspicion that the eardrum may be damaged, then the doctor conducts the acoustic reflex test .
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Ear muscles called acoustic reflex contracts whenever it hears a loud sound. The level at which the acoustic reflex contracts will indicate to the hearing doctor the extend of hear loss of a patient.
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The static acoustic impedance test calculates the possible damage to the eardrums. Using this test, the ear canal volume is measured which will determine the responsiveness of the eardrum. When the inner ear is damaged and doctors want to find the extent of damage they use the hairs in the cochlea to find out, and this is called the otoacoustic emissions test. Treatment is recommended by the hearing doctor once the tests are done and the patient’s condition is determined. Hearing aid services and rehabilitation are offered by most hearing center to their patients. There are a lot of different types of hearing aids, from customized molding to extended-wear devices. Specialists in the hearing center will help you get the best option for a hearing aid from among the many different types. Once the treatment option is chosen, the hearing center will conduct subsequent check-ups on your condition. As your needs change the hearing center will continue to assess and serve you. Repair and maintenance of your hearing device are taken care of by the hearing center plus the supply of new batteries for the device.