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Top Activities to Avoid After LASIK Surgery LASIK surgery is a huge medical advancement in which vision problems can be corrected by making adjustments to the cornea of the eye with the use of a laser. LASIK can help to remove or reduce the need for a person to utilize prescription eye wear, such as glasses or contacts. However, in order for your eyes to properly heal after LASIK surgery, here are a few activities you should avoid until you fully recover. Make sure you avoid looking into bright lights. Those patients who undergo LASIK surgery will be given a set of glasses that help to block out bright lights and create a dimly lit environment for them to adjust to the light. It is important that you wear these sunglasses as well as protective eye wear at night so that you not only keep out bright lights, but also so you do not rub or scratch your eyes while you sleep. The lights in your home should be kept dim, and sunlight should be blocked until your eyes have time to properly heal and adjust. You will need to depend on another person to drive you from place to place once you have undergone LASIK surgery. Operating any kind of motor vehicle should be avoided until at least a few days after your surgery. You should avoid driving at night for at least two weeks, because of visibility issues that may arise.
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You should refrain from applying any kind of cosmetics to the eyes. Keep all kinds of cosmetic products away from your eyes for at least a week post LASIK surgery, because these products can irritate and infect the eyes, allowing them to slow down or stop the healing process. The prescribed eye drops are the only item that should come in contact with your eyes during the week after surgery. Make sure you keep your fingertips away from your eyes to not only avoid infection, but to keep the LASIK flap in the proper place.
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You should not engage in any form of physical exercise for the first few days after your surgery, and only engage in mild exercise for up to a month after your surgery. After your LASIK surgery, you should be resting for at least 3 days, and only engage in minimal time on the computer or in front of the television. It is important to get plenty of rest in the first few days after surgery to promote a quicker healing process. It is important to follow these tips to be sure your eyes are functioning at their highest capacity after your LASIK surgery, and so you can begin the healing process as quickly as possible, and get back to your normal way of life.